Anyone know if protected memory on NetWare with Gwise 8 is finally resolved?

We ran for YEARS (6+) with version 6 and 6.5 of groupwise on NetWare 6.5 and protected memory without any issue.

Only when groupwise 7.0.1 was put on did we have problems (and have had ever since).

After many years (yes, had an SR open for over a year), finally got Novell to stop fingerpointing and admit that it was a problem with both the groupwise code AND NetWare.

Unfortunately I have a need to upgrade to Gwise 8 but it has to be on NetWare 6.5 SP7 (if the fixes are also requiring SP8, then I can probably do that too).

We're just not ready for OES2 Linux yet (plus it would take some time to upgrade the 16-node cluster while we do so). We have plans to definitely go to OES 2 Linux, just a lot of other pieces have to come in place first.