I have NW 6.5 SP7 servers running iscsi. I updated the winsock on my target and restarted, but now iscsi won't start and I get this error:

Module ISCSITAR.NLM load status OK
iSCSI Target: read LDAP config from secret store
[i] iSCSI Target: read LDAP config from secret store[!] Failed to initialize
P: Invalid credentials
[!] iSCSI Target: ISCSI_MGMT_Initialize: failed 49
ISCSI_MGMT_Initialize: failed to initialize LDAP: Invalid credentials

In RM, I see this under the ISCSI Target report/log:

iSCSI Target
0 iscsitar.nlm [09-12-2007] Version 1.06.03
1 [!] ISCSI_LSS_Restore rc = 312
2 [i] Management interface being initialized.
3 [!] ISCSI_LDAP_Initialize bind failed rc=49

I had to update certificates last week, but I ran pkidiag again today and no problems show up. I just ran dsrepair, but got no joy from that, either. What else should I check? I remember running into a secret store problem a couple of years ago for something else, but I can't find the fix from that time. Thanks for any ideas on this.