Don´t know if this is the right Forum, should maybe be in the agent side, but I try here...

I have remote working perfect, so thats not a problem. The problem starts when the Device change the IP adress.

We have some laptops that are on ( lets say ) 10.4 ip-network - The Remote works perfect.
The user puts the Device on our WiFI LAB ( lets say ) 10.7 ip-network - The Remote stops working.

If i manually Refresh the ZEN Agent on the Device, The IP Address updates on the Device Object on the ZCC Console, and the I
Can remote it.

It dosen´t help to reboot the Device, I need to do a Manually Refresh to update the IP Address.

Is there some settings for this with Refreshing the Agent, I mean..... When the Device boots up.. Ain´t the Agent refreshing then ?

// Patrik