I'll explain our current setup as perhaps this will help a bit in determining if we should use satellite servers (I'll test it anyway):

Current environment:

31 regional offices with NetWare 6.5 servers. We plan to upgrade to OES2 Linux someday (as with all things, never happens when I'd like it to).

5 other regional offices without servers (like 5 or less users across a T-1, so they pull everything across the WAN link).

Main office has a NetWare Cluster with ZFD on it.

Right now, all the regional sites (with and without servers) use the Main office for AWI and ZEN Inventory (such a small amount of data to cross our crummy WAN links vs. the effort of installing ZEN on the regional boxes).

However, Apps is where we run into issues. What I've done (although I don't take much joy in it) is dupe the app objects in every regional eDir container (that have replicas/servers). Each copy points to the LOCAL NetWare server to pull the files from.

We use Fault Tolerance - > Site Lists for the people who "roam" around (ie, user in Region3 goes to Region 5 and logs in, so rather than cross two WAN links to pull 500 MB of Nasty Office 2003, it'll ping and find that the local server has a copy and pull the files from there).

With satellite server, how would I accomplish the same thing? My guess is that I'd have to monkey with "closest server rules". The issue I see there is that the content will have to be pulled via HTTP whereas now it's pulled via NCP from the local server.

Unless I possibly do this:

OES2 in region with NSS on it. Either put Satellite server on OES2 or in a VM on OES2 --can I point the app to an NSS volume that's NOT on the satellite server? I know with the primary server I can (network bundle I think is the correct word).

Am I making any sense here?

We may also use this for ZEN Imaging (depends upon). I DO see this helping with ZPM which we currently use as well.

Any ideas/suggestions?