Just a note in case someone else finds themselves with a similar

After upgrading our ZCM server to 10.1.2, we were finally experiencing
reasonable performance and login times....until this morning, when
logins (to both eDir 8.8.3 and AD) were taking 7 minutes in our
student lab.

I went back to all the old standbys to rectify:

- restart ZCM server in case of memory leak/performance issue
- restarted cluster servers in case storage mapping was the cause of
the problem
- restarted LDAP on reference Netware server
- restarted domain controllers to reset AD group policy delivery

Nothing was working.

Finally, as a last resort, we turned off our AD group policy for our
student lab and tried to replicate essential group policy settings
(particulary, redirect of file locations) as policies in ZCM.
fortunately, this resulted in reasonable login times. We're in the
process of trying to replicate our AD policy settings in ZCM, leaving
the AD policy disabled.

I seem to recall that it was not a good idea to deliver group policies
through both ZCM and AD, but thought it was OK to do so in only AD.
And until this morning, it generally was.

May be a fundamental misunderstanding on my part (as we seldom have
time to RTFM given the number of manuals and products supported), but
I wanted to describe this solution in case someone else had a similar

BTW, clients are Windows XP, Client 4.91 SP5, in a Windows 2003 AD.
The thing that finally triggered the examination of AD group
policy/adaptive agent issues was TID 7001872, which was irrelevant in
our case since it referenced only Windows 2000 AD policy settings, but
was enough to get us concentrating at the adaptive agent/AD policy