I'm having a dillemma regarding zenimaging.

When I PXE boot HP 6735b computers for Zen Imaging, I get the infamous "Could not find installation source" error. After searching the forums here and the internet, I found out that you have to add the correct newid,as well as the kernel parameters "acpi=off noapic pci=nomsi" in the z_*.cmd config files.

After I did that, it worked like a charm, but as far as I can see, other computers is having issues with Zen Imaging now, for instance the older Acer Travelmate 4070 laptops are getting the installation source error instead..

As of now, I just change the kernel parameters depending on which computers I want to work with Zen Imaging, but surely there must be a better way??

Server is running Netware 6.5 SP7 and the tftpfiles are dated november 08.

Can someone help me on this?