I dont know if this is the correct forum, please direct me to the
correct one if not.

Current environment:
We are currently running a Novell infrastructure environment with
Netware 6.5, GroupWise 7, Zenworks 7 etc.

All clients are Windows XP with Novell Client 4.9x. They obtain DNS and
DHCP services from this Novell infrastructure.

Whats new:
A new system witch is being deployed, require an Active Directory. The
corporate decision is to not use DSfW but to create a new AD and have
the workstations login to both eDirectory and AD.

We would like to still have the the Novell / eDirectory based DNS and
DHCP servers in our environment. We would not like to have the Microsoft
based DNS and DHCP.

According to Microsoft the only supported solution is to use their DNS
and DHCP.

Is it possible to make this work and not use the Microsoft based DNS and
To make this work, do we have to migrate DNS and DHCP to OES2 SP1 on
Linux, or is it possible to still have it running on Netware?
Are there any guidelines or best practice guides how to make this work?

Thank you in advance