Ok, I think I've read all thread related to authentication issue. I have clean Zen 10.1.0 server installed on Windows 2008 box, and agent 10.1.0 installed on XP SP3 desktop. Product is activated. Downloaded update 10.1.1 and applied it - no problem. Than updated to 10.1.2A - no problem. So far so good.

Try to connect to Active Directory as user source - LDAPS does not work because I do not have SSL certificate. Ok, lets use LDAP (port 389) - adding user source worked, no problem. I can browse Active Directory and assign bundles to users in AD. But: on the client side I cannot logon using AD credentials. Error message: Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect. Why? I'm not using LDAPS, just an LDAP. Why it is trying to use certificate?

Tried everything: re-install Agent, installed agent on another computer etc. Nothing worked. Ok, I still have Novell eDirectory. Tried to connect to it using LDAPS - no problem, certificate is there, user source added successfully. When I tried to login on client side - same error, so apparently the problem not on the AD or user source side but sometwhere inside ZEN 10 server. If I assign bundle to computer (device) everything works nicely, but I really need to assign bundles to users, not to computers, so I need LDAP connection working properly.

Any idea where to check and how to troubleshoot this issue?