i'm trying to create a bundle in ZCM 10.1.2 which replaces text in a
textfile with user-specific data from the currently logged-in-user. It's
a bundle for customizing our emailclient (Mozilla Seamonkey) which makes
some changes in the prefs.js-file (It's based on a very old appnote and
worked well with ZfD7...).
I would like to put username, full name and the email address of the
logged in user in the file. I made a bundle which copies a file with
dummy-data and made another action for replacing this dummy-data with
values from variables. Unfortunately it only works for "%CN%" which
gives me the correct username. I need Full Name and Email address, too.
I tried it with "%FULL_NAME%" or %fullname% and
"%INTERNET_EMAIL_ADDRESS%" or %mail% but these did not work. "fullname"
and "mail" are LDAP-attributes which i would prefer to use instead of
the edir-attributes. I found some postings about variables and macros in
this group but these did not really help me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,