I am having several issues with my Novell Messenger. I have NM 2.0. Every so often my NM acts up and it my users can't log in. I unload the NM service and try to reload it (Load NMStart), and I get this error
"[0xAD05] - A unspecified LDAP error was encountered"
If I reboot the machine completely it loads fine and will work for days sometime a week or so. Then it happens again.

I've searched around the Support site, and the forums, but I haven't found a fix for it. It gets annoying having to restart my server every now and then.

The server is a NW 6.5 SP7, w/ 4 Gig Ram and 2 -250 Gig Sata Drives.
Dual Core 3 gig Procs.

Thanks and any help suggestions would be appreciated.

Chris Kuntzman
Taylorville Schools (K-12)
Taylorville, IL