Well we're making the migration from Netware to OES 2 for our file / print server and I'm just starting to learn the ropes and get my hands around some of the changes.

The last step that I think I have before going live with some redirections to the new data volume is backups. We run Evault and have been very happy with it. I spoke a little with an Evault representative yesterday and he stated that for our backups, we would likely be installing their SUSE Linux backup agent and tieing into that.

A lot of this is pretty new me but I read in the OES documentation that TSAFS provides a NetWare emulation mode on OES Linux. Now, I am very clueless as to what the recommended procedure is and would greatly appreciate any advice or guidance.

We currently use Evault to backup our Netware data volume and tree and it works great. Am I able to take their Netware backup agent and install it onto our OES 2 system? Is that what the NetWare emulation mode is?

If the standard procedure is to run the Linux agent and access the NSS volume from there, can someone clue me in as to how this works? It's an encrypted volume so I use nssmu to mount it but I have no idea what commands or setup procedures would be required to accomplish this.

As usual, these forums and the system operators that give their time have been a great resource and I really appreciate your help.


Ryan Reuter