I work with a public school district. Over the holidays we upgraded our very stable GW7 to GW8 and installed Novell Netware SP8 on top of our SP7 server.

Because most everyone was gone, things seem to be working perfectly.

I was wrong!

I seems that under load we are getting CPU Hog Detected by Timer abends. It is happening during the morning as everyone is turning on their computers and logging into GW8. This in turn causes the server to not want to go down properly, sometimes causing multiple abends, forcing a hard shutdown of the server. This in turn causes a mis-match in the mirrorred drives. The server will come back up OK, begin mirroring the drives and be fine for a short time until cache allocation errors start beating it to death. If I hold loading GW until mirroring is complete, it works OK. If I stop remirroring right away, load GW, let it come up completely, then start remirroring that seems to work also.

This server runs (and has run for the last 4 years) 1-MTA, 1-POA, 1-GWIA, 1-WebAccess, GW Messenger, and GWAVA4 as our spam filter. It is a single Xeon 2.8GHz, 2GB ram, 2-mirrored 300GB drives. We currently have approx. 650 users.

I have attached the last 2 abend logs (in a single File) in hopes someone sees something I am missing. Looking at some of the other posts, it looks like I am not the only one with similar problems. I was really hoping this upgrade was as easy as it first seemed.