I have been testing installing office suite on xp sp2 wrkst as a hands off
deployment. The frustration for me is that there is no way that I have
found to have the ZCM server actually host the source files and the mst
files. I can't seem to find a way to copy them to the zcm server and
therefore make them available.

The orginal install before using zcm was using zfd 4 - 6.5 to install via
app object. Since the deployment was limited I decided to start over and
not migragte from zfd to zcm. I have zcm loaded on a sles 10 sp 2 box. The
only way I have been able to get it to run is to have a bundle to copy the
source files to the wrkst and then another bundle to launch the install.
I associate the bundles with the device and am attempting to leave the user
out of the picture.

I have searched for a best practices doc but haven't found one yet. Anyone
have any tips for me?