I've had this working in the past.. but now I'm trying to upgrade my base image from XP Sp2 to XP SP3. For whatever reason, the image now just causes constant reboots on different pc types (all dells, dif models).

Not sure what the deal is.. but after googling some stuff, lil confused.

So I use a base image, then I do a hwinfo --bios to figure out the computer model, based on what it finds, it applies an add-on image that has the models drivers. This has worked fine for a while, but Sp3 giving me headaches.

So whats the IDEAL way to accomplish this?
What mode should the base image be in?

According to this HAL options after Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 Setup at the bottom, it says that if using ACPI Uniprocessor, XP should auto-detect that you have multiple processors and install the appropriate ACPI Multi-processor hal. However, I've been unable to change from "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface" to ACHI Uniprocessor.

Anyway, any tips appreciated.. tired of messing with it ;)