Backup vendor has said I have some prerequisites to install on OES2 so I can backup NSS filesystems. Have OES2 x86_64 with channel updates but not SP1.

Here is his list:
2. The OES Linux server must be patched as follows:
(a) Upgrade the kernel to 2.6.5-7.282 or higher.
***Easy ***

(b) Install/upgrade to km-nss-4.9.26-0.1.i586.rpm or higher.
***Doesn't show in OES2 media***

(c) Install/upgrade to novell-nss-4.9.23-1.i586.rpm or higher.

(d) Install/upgrade to novell-sms-zapishim-2.6.5_7.282-1.0.5.i586.rpm or
***Doesn't show in OEs2 media***

3. NSS must be configured with the following switches either through
nssstart.cfg or nsscon:
nss /ListXattrNWMetadata
nss /CtimeISMetadataModTime

So do the above two rpms apply to a non-clustered OES2 Linux 64 bit server ?

Hope someone knows....