Hi all,

I keep getting the ICP Parent(s) - not reachable message on my BM
This error is more annoying than anything else, as I never loose the
connection to the upstream proxy and/or conductivity.
Currently running NW6, BM3.7 w/patches up to and including fp3b.
I have always seen this error, clear back to BM 3.5.
I'm just finally getting tired of it.

My setup is:
Private network connected to BM private interface.
Public interface connected to ISP's ATM switch (via a pair of
CAT5-to-fiber transceivers).
BM server is set up as a cache hierarchy client with the "must only
forward...." selection.
I have tried a variety of time-out selections (from 10 seconds to 2
Changing to time-out selection doesn't seem to make any difference.
The upstream proxy is a squid box that *seems* to work fine.
Currently using proxy port 8002, ICP port 3130, type=parent,
no domain selected.

Any ideas?