Hi All,

I'm having trouble getting liferay to sync user groups from my LDAP eDirectory and I was looking for some clarification on how this all fits together...

To get groups to work, I understand that I need to modify the portal-ext.properties file to add some details, I have added the following:

ldap.group.mappings=groupName=cn\ndescription=desc ription\nuser=uniqueMember

Within the Liferay configuration pages (web based) i have enabled import and the import search filter is: (objectClass=inetOrgPerson)

I have run an LDAP browser across users in the LDAP source, and they all have a valid Group Membership attribute.

As I understand it, if a group exists in eDirectory that is not in Liferay, it will get created, and if it's already in Liferay, it should get updated.

At the moment, I'm getting nothing at all. I don't get any groups created, and I don't see anything in the catalina.out log...

Can anyone point me in the right direction?