Hi everyone,
My first install of an OES2 SP1 server into a production tree..

a mix of Netware 6.5 sp6, oes2 linux and now an oes2 sp1 linux server, for the life of me i canot get the sp1 server to stay in sync with the others

it's a 32 bit install running on vmware server 1.0.8, all the other vmware hosts are also on 1.0.8 with no issues

in a couple of days time has drifted forward by almost an hour

i've tried various vmware clock fixes, clock=pmtmr, clock=pit and now have also tried the vdi enabled kernel without any boot parameters

we have an internal NTP server on a hardware box, dedicated solely to doing ntp for the novell systems

is it something simple i'm missing out on here?