I have a Windows XP machine installed and works 100% perfect. We call this device " WIFI "

I installed another Device with Windows Vista Ultimate Sp1 and the ZEN Agents on it, The machines is doing the registration
with a Registration Key, same key as the device above " WIFI " This new Vista Device, We call " Vista "

When the Device reboots and then registrates to the zenworks server, No new Device object is showing, It has just updated the
" WIFI " Device as a Windows Vista - So i only have ONE ( 1 ) Device in the ZEN Zone....

Why will there not be two ( 2 ) Devices in the zone - One to the " WIFI " Win XP and one to the " VISTA " Windows Vista Device.

If i install three ( 3 ) Windows XP Devices there will be one Object for each Device.... But the Vista installation will steal one Win XP object....

Is there something I´m doing wrong !!! Or is this a bug.

I´m running version 10.1.2.a

// Patrik