Good Morning,

I'm sorry if this is a little vague.

I have installed what will be my first major SLES 10.2 w/OES2 sp1 Server on my network. I have gone through all the configurations for LUM and checked that the LDAP is working.

However, when I try to login using my eDirectory admin account, the Linux server can see the user, but it tells me it can't find the Admin Home Driectory which is on a OES Netware server, even though the path it sees from the eDirectory setting on the Unix Profile tab in ConsoleOne is correct.


What might I have missed ?

Also, I have setup AFP, but I still can not access the Linux Server volumes from a MAC. I can access the Linux NSS volumes from Windows XP Pro.

If someone knows of some type of check list I can verify all appropreate services are running correctly, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,