I'm trying to find the section in the OES2 SP1 docs about upgrading an NCS 1.8 NetWare cluster to OES2 SP1 NCS cluster, but I'm obviously looking in the wrong spot (I don't see it under the upgrading section or the migrating section).

I THOUGHT there were two main methods:

1) Upgrading each individual server, but once you started that, you had to move pretty quickly because you couldn't be adding new volumes or changing volumes (ie, adding more space to a volume)?

2) Setup a new cluster and move the resources over that way (maybe I'm wrong).

Only issue I can see with #2 (for us) is that we have a rather large DFS setup with about 16 destination volumes (one DFS volume that points to the other 16), so I think we'd have to move all those at once.