After reading through the documentation, my question is the order to install.

Two servers each with their own set of HDDs, each with a connection to a SAN over FC.

Setup these two servers for xen in order to setup a clustered node (VM) as stated in Novell Cluster ServicesTM 1.8.5 For Linux Administration Guide, chapter 12. The clustered node (VM) would be setup on the SAN HDDs. Therefore, the appearance is one server (VM) running from the SAN which is clustered in the event of a xen host failure.

In order to do this, I presume there is a specific order to prep. (ie setup the xen host servers first and have the xen running (ie change the boot order for xen to load at startup), then install the OES2 addons (ie clustering) on the xen hosts, then at that point setup the guest VM as a clustered VM using the xen template.

Other questions:
On the xen host server, how should the partitions be setup? /boot as ext2 and the system or /[root] with ext3/reiserfs or evms or lvm. Should I leave a small amount of xen host server HDD space unpartitioned for the special cluster partition for the Split-brain detector or should I use a portion of the SAN HDDs?