Hi, i set up 3 cache volumes of 8gb each and the server has been up
for 50
days, today i had the following errors on the server console:
disk space....file compression...on cache1". the volume was full
except for
740mb. a quick fix was to unload and reload proxy -cc.
I have realised that i didnt follow the performance tips and now
intend to
do the following:-
1. create 3 new vols with the 33gig left unused and disable
block size 16kb, purge immediate etc.
2. unload proxy.
3. in nwadmin point the bmsetup to use the new vols and remove old
4. reload proxy
5. delete the old cache vols

will this work for a seamless and quick switch over?
was the error message because of compression?
are the cache vols meant to fill up and what happens when they do?

thanks for any help.