We may be way off the mark in what we are trying to do, but we _think_
should work; it just ain't.

For years we've had a network for the private side of our
(Don't ask why, that's just how someone set it up.) One DHCP server
the way we need it to work.

Recently, we upgraded our BM server to have 3 NICs in it, and have
added a
separate network to the extra card (the BM server's two
cards are and

Everything works correctly to the extend that if we either add a DHCP
to the 10.2 network or manually assign 10.2 addresses, we have the
degree of
communication from one private network to the other that we want.

What we are trying to do now is configure things so that the DHCP
(we're actually using W2K for this) can serve both networks.

We created a new scope ( on the DHCP server, and we enabled
forwarding on the BM server.

But it's only partially working. Sometimes clients on the
get leases, sometimes they don't. In looking at the bootp logger
screen, we
see the requests from 10.2... get sent to the DHCP server, but we then
(the failed attempts) being responded to by the DHCP server with
leases from
the 10.1... scope.

Using a packet sniffer what we think we see is that when BM forwarded
DHCP request on to the DHCP server, it actually sent two requests, one
from and one from Depending on which one of those was
received by the DHCP server first, the requesting MAC address is
assigned a
lease from the 10.1 or the 10.2 scope. But (obviously) when the
gets answered with a 10.1 lease, it never makes its way back to the
network, so the client lease request fails.

I have scoured everyplace that I can think of for info and
descriptions of
how to set this up and make it work, but I can't find anything.

If someone out there knows what we are doing wrong (even if that means

telling us that our entire approach is fundamentally flawed), we'd
appreciate it.