I'm trying to fix a server which, according to Remote Manager, is running:
Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5 Server Version 5.70.07.

The main problem relates to printing in that the NDPS Manager is up on the server, but when you look at its status in NWAdmin it's normally down, sometimes Initializing, and sometimes Active. When it's up, sometimes when you click on Printer Agent List you get an error message 'An error occurred while accessing the printer agent list. Make sure NDPS Manager is running. Message number: 490.' and you go back to the 'Identification' screen and sometimes it's Down and other times it's up, and sometimes when it's up you will get to the printer agent list. Start, Printers and Faxes shows the printers as 'Not Available', though when you first start the NDPS Manager some jobs in the queue start to go through - at present 100 of 111k have been sent to one printer but it doesn't get any further.

Trying to administer the server through iManager, I frequently get 'connection timed out', or 'document contained no data', yet refreshing the page often brings the page up, sometimes complete, sometimes one frame has to be reloaded, sometimes the stylesheet doesn't get loaded, and sometimes it works properly.

Sometimes on starting the NDPS Manager on the server console I've often had errors 3524 and 669. In the Logger Screen this often correlates to 'The print device subsystem was unable to complete the 111 operation with the NDPS Manager' and 'The print device subsystem could not get the network location of the Resource Management Service. Make sure the Resouce Management Service is running, then restart the Print Device Subsystem'. Sometimes trying to log in to iManager it's failed and the logger screen (and web interface) have presented error 625 and a few times 626.

It's behaving to me as though the network connectivity is periodically disconnecting, though it may not be. I've tried doing the above tasks with a loop pinging the server and the server keeps responding to ping request whether the iManager interface is working or not so I don't think it's a network / physical problem. There's nothing in the logger screen on the server to say it's lost network connectivity - there was one error that it lost time sync a few times, that was all.

One thing which may help relating to printing (or it may not!); the volume for the NDPS manager points to a volume which no longer exists. My supervisor said this doesn't matter (for some reason) and that it worked in the past even with that same non-existent volume in place. I did try to create a new NDPS Manager from iManager (as one TID suggested) but ran into more error messages on the server when trying to start it.

Unfortunately I know almost nothing about Novell, the people who normally deal with this are on leave so if you have any ideas as to how to fix this please put it in layman's terms.