Easy one first - Does the Netware IP Gateway client automatically
with Netware Client 4.83? I don't see an option to install it when I
go to
the custom setup in the client install.

Second - I set up our IP addressing originally, before I knew any
by using what a printer of ours came configured as (turns out it was a

public class A address). I will be changing this to a private Class C

address range when I add a BM3.7 server. We do not currently use
Should I change all my workstation addresses to the new Private IP
addresses before I install the BM3.7 server?

Last - This is what I think I need to do to install the BM server into
Tree. If anyone has time to read this part and tell me if I'm way off
I would appreciate it:

I currently have one NWSB6 server that serves as our file server,
server & Web server. I would like the BM3.7 server I am installing to

perform proxy services, access control and packet filtering. I have
static IP address assigned from my ISP for our DSL service. I will
be, or
am in the process of setting up my BM server with two NIC's on two
different subnets. One subnet will be the Public interface containing
DSL router and one NIC in my BM server. The other subnet will be the
NIC in my MB server, the NIC in my NWSB6 server, workstations,
etc. Does this sound correct? These are the questions I have if it
Should the Default Gateway on windows clients be set to the BM server

Private interface address? What should the default route be set to on
NWSB6 server? Will the BM install automatically set it up so Border Manager knows how to pass information from the Private subnet to the
subnet? And finally, should I use IP Gateway, NAT or both?

I have both of Craig's books which are very good, but I have managed
confuse myself. It may be a matter of just not trusting the setup
so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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