With OpenSUSE 10.3 iPrint was working. I was printing to a Novell iPrint-server and had no problems at all.

Now i upgrade til OpenSUSE11.1 and now iPrint does not work at all. I downloaded the lates iPrint Client that was released 13.januar 2009 and tried to install.
It claims i miss "libglitz.so.1".
I searche for this file in Yast and find Glitz-i586
Installed it and now iPrint Client did install witout any errors.

Now i try to install an iPrint-printer (Dell 3110cn) that have a Linux-driver attached. Firefox crash everytime i try to install this printer. I tried both as normal user and as root but with same result.

Novell develop Novell Client for OpenSUSE, so why not iPrint Client?