I'm trying to install Conferencing on SLES10-SP2 32 Bit. I installed all the prerequisites -
- neon, postgres-libs server and client, emacs, apache2, php5

The install completes successfully but several services fail to start at the completion of the install. The first errors received under failed services refer to /bin/nanny not being found. This appeared to be a path issue. I linked /opt/iic/bin/nanny to /bin/nanny and then receive the error --sysadm user not found. It appears this is part of an arg in /etc/sysconfig/imidio_iic :
NANNY_ARGS="--user $IIC_USER --sysadm 'admin@mydomain.com'"

I commented the NANNY_ARGS line to see what would happen and some of the services started, except for iicmtgarchiver which errored with --prio group not found. Commented this line out in thhe startup script and it started

$IIC_HOME/bin/nanny $NANNY_ARGS --childpid --group $IIC_MTG_GROUP --prio $MTGARCHIVER_PRIO $mtgarchiverd

I'm sure these should be able to run without being commented, so any help with how to resolve would be great.

Also, when trying to access the Admin console at -

I get a page return but it only has a black line near the bottom and a copyright Novell notice, with no other content on the page. Going to http://portalserver-1.mydomain.com returns correctly with links to download the client software.

Any help would be appreciated.