I'm trying to install DSfW on my SLES 10 server. I have just upgraded the server from SLES 10 SP1 to SP2 so that it would work with the OES 2 SP1 that contained DSfW, and in doing so let the upgrade uninstall the OES services on the server. Now when I put the disc in and add it as an installation source, SLES recognizes that it is already licensed for OES 2, there are nothing checked under the OES settings, so I check ONLY the DSfW option which automatically chooses everything else that it requires and installation starts. I get a message that the OES 2 eDirectory database and config file are found and prompted if I want to upgrade it, which I choose upgrade (as opposed to abort).

This is where I'm begining to think that it isn't registering the DSfW selection. I get the eDirectory- Edit existing server information page, but according to the installation instructions there should be a Configure Domain Services for Windows checkbox option, and all I have available is Use eDirectory credentials for HTTPS services. After this screen I click next for the summary screen, no DSfW summary, next to continue and the installation finishes, no configuring DSfW, nothing.

When I check my OES Install and Configuration it shows DSfW being checked and installed, I can try to just do an update on DSfW and I get to go through this entire process again, with the update eDirectory and everything. Why won't it let me install DSfW? Thanks!