Dear All,

An administrator tried deleting 2 iFolder folders for a user (iFolder was about 3.7 GB) and it couldn't complete. Thus admin ssh'd to the server and deleted the 2 folders and their reference from the server (e.g id=bfd6d051-3f5e-4ee8-a8ed-22d1d5a0146e) Well, after numerous apache2 restarts,or server reboots, the folder entry still shows up in the iFolder Administration page as well as users iFolder web page after login though it shows that the folders disabled. Attempts to connect to the deleted folders comes up with the message "Error: Unable to connect to the iFolder server." Also attempts to find out ways to delete the server has failed, even after checking the iFolderDetailsPage.aspx doesn't yield any useful pointers. Is there a way to delete all references to this server? Feedback will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards