We are having issues with BorderManager 3.9 and the proxy configuration through imanager, and attempting to resolve the fillattr issues.

Removed a BorderManager 3.8 server from the tree.
Installed a new netWare 6.5 server.
Upgraded to service pack 7.
Installed BorderManager 3.9.
Upgraded to service pack 1.
With the usual error of needing to manually use fillattr to migrate proxy configuration for imanager.
After the installation had completed we were unable to access the proxy configuration via imanager, so resolved LDAP issues with the server.
Upgraded to the new bmpxy.jar.
Installed the new imanager bmacl_2.7 and bmppxy_2.7.npm files with no resolve.
As we can access the access control list for the server but have an error of
"either you have selected the wrong object or the migration is not done properly (please run the fillattr manually)"
when we access proxy services in imanager.
When we run fillattr manually the end line says
"BorderManager.proxy.migration bmaaccess exited successfully."
But that is preceded by screens of "compare values I:0".
This is the second BorderManager that we have completed the process for in a separate site and tree.
We had similar errors but was able to resolve the fillattr successfully and that server is working correctly.
Can anybody help with our server issues?

Gavin Houston