My ZENWorks server service has suddenly stopped working.

Issue: Unable to access ZCC.
versions: SLES10sp1. OES2nosp. ZCM10.1.2 w/JanPRU. accessing from IE7

Checked: TOMCAT5 service is running. Apache is running. IMonitor says server is running at 90% CPU utilization but i cannot see what service is tagging that much. I can access server at http://IP:80, and http://IP:5801 to remote into it and obviously port8008/9 for IMonitor. SLESFirewall is completely off since installation.

....Rebooted several times.....

In system services in the GUI i can see that after a reboot: novell-zenserver is NOT running. Allthough it is set to 3,5.

The last thing i was doing was trying to import a group policy with the MIGTool from the ZCC on Friday. I have not made any changes to ZCM since i baselined the JAN-pru on January 3rd or 4th. And it has been rebooted since then..