Our ZCM 10.1 infrastructure has been in place for the last 6 months
without any issues. This replaced our ZDM 6.5 infrastructure
(applications were not migrated, ZCM 10 was a clean install into an AD

All of a sudden about 80% of our users started experiencing extremely
slow login times, most of which where in excess of 20 minutes. Nothing
had changed on the ZCM infrastructure as we're in the middle of a change

NalWin seemed to be the culprit as NalView loaded the icons onto the
desktop as expected.
NalWin would hang on the splash screen for 10 minutes then freeze for a
further 10 minutes before the bundles were displayed.
If a user tried to change to a different folder in NalWin, NalWin would
freeze for a further 10 minutes...

Also, there was absolutely nothing in the Windows Event Logs and the ZAA
log files which indicated a problem.

After a lot of wasted time try and find a corrupt bundle/policy, I
noticed that the problem only existed for user that were upgraded from
ZDM 6.5 to ZCM 10. All new employees were not affected.
It was not PC related as the problem followed the users to a PC that
worked with a new employee.

After digging around the registry for a while, I noticed that there were
a lot of entries in the HKCU hive that pointed to the old ZDM 6.5

After deleting the following registry keys and rebooting the PC, NalWin
loaded in a few seconds:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetWare\NAL\1.0] (This is still used the
ZCM10 but there was a lot of extra entries from ZDM 6.5, ZCM10 recreates
the key when the PC is restarted)

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetWare\NAL\2.X] (Doesn't appear to be used
by ZCM 10)

A bundle was forced out to all our users and the problem has disappeared.

Hope this is of help to someone...