Hello all,

Yet another synchronization issue with GWmobile. Our problems are user independant (as in happening on all users).

- Nothing syncs from groupwise to PIM (and thus mobile devices)
- Everything syncs from mobile device to PIM and Groupwise (funny enough)
- Resetting/deleting a user makes it sync properly 1 time only, then fails after that again.
- There are no error messages, not on the POA, not on PIM. The mobile device and the logs just say: no changes.
- It started the 8th of January 2009, before that: no problem.

It looks like it's working as designed and that we made an error with profiles or something. However, I can't seem to figure it out. I don't know that much about GWMobile, so hopefully anyone can give me a hint on where to look (I know how the admin console works etc.
We did update the ssl certificate on the server the 6th of January 2009... I am not sure if this is related. We had succesfull syncs the 7th though.

What we've tried so far:
- recreating/resetting users (which makes them sync once)
- recreating the trusted app
- using user auth instead of trusted app
- restarting GMS server zillion times
- restarting POA's just in case
- telnetting to and from the POA's and GMS and vice versa works.

We user GW7sp2 and GWmobile 2 on Windows.

Hopefully anyone has a clue.

Thank you for your time and with regards,

Jonas Driessen