I am trying to add a BM3.7 server to my system on a separate server
my main server. At this point I am just trying to get the two servers

communicating and finding the internet through my DSL router before I

install BM3.7. I currently have a Public and Private interface set up
my soon to be BM Server with the Public interface connected to the
directly with a xover cable on one subnet (

For the sake of this email my router is (
my Public interface on the BM server is The Private
interface is on another subnet ( The
interface on the BM server is It is connected to a
switch that connects my workstations, printers, other netwar server
web server) which are on the ( Everything

binds fine.

From my BM server I can ping my router (, BM Public
(, BM Private Interface ( as well as the

oter server NIC ( and other workstations on that subnet

(192.168.11.xxx). I can also ping an outside DNS server.

But.... From my other server I can only ping the BM server Private
interface ( and Public interface (, not
DSL router ( or outside DNS server. The same is true for
windows workstations running a network client.

I am trying to set up similar to Scenario 2 in Book with the excepton
having one static IP address from my ISP. I set up default routes
like this Scenario suggested but nothing on the pulic side can
communicate with the router yet. Should this be the case and if so
it be corrected once bordermanager is installed?

Thanks for any help you can provide.