I installed a BM3.7 server into my network by connecting the public
interface of the BM server to our DSL router on one subnet (ie
192.168.1.xxx, subnet and by connecting the private
interface of the BM server to our network switch which handles the
subnet (ie 192.168.11.xxx, subnet I can ping all
from windows workstations (public side BM server nic & router, private

interface nic, and our other servers nic on the same private subnet).
can also ping all internal computers from both servers. But for some

reason the server behind the BM server on the private subnet which
our web server and Groupwise GWIA agent cannot find our external DNS server. It can find the router, it just can't seem to get out the
Any Ideas?

I tried to set this up similar to scenario 2 in Craig book if my
description is too bad.

Mark M.

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