xen OES2 linux:

I created two ncp volumes names shared and sales by creating mount points and then using ncpcon create command. These volumes mount and show up in imanager fine.

I then had to create an NSS volume by adding another storaged device on the xen host, and use imanager to create the pool and volume called USER.

I get an -672 error when it tries to create the pool in imanager. In looking up that error on novell support, section 33.5 in oes2 linux storage /nss troubleshooting section, says to create the nss admin at the oes2 command:

nssAdminInstall -a adminname.context -p adminpassword -o HOSTNAMEadmin.context

which ends in error fffffda2 when I do this. So i added the ndappartitionpasswordmgmt with value 1 to the partition as suggested in yet another post, same error. I actually added it to the root of the tree since that is my partition. I added it on the other tab as an attribute.

Not sure where to go from here.

Thanks in advance