Hi, folks.

Here's my situation:

Initially installed my OES2 SP1 server into the same tree as my
existing Netware 6.x server so as to migrate data and services at a
more leisurely pace than a full-blown migration.

Everything has gone relatively smoothly, but if I turn off the Netware
6 server the tree is no longer visible and nobody can log in.

My suspicion is that this is due to there being no SLP service on the
new server. When installing into an existing tree, I had to point to
an existing directory server and SLP directory agent in order to set
up eDirectory. Setting the new server as the master replica for our
tree doesn't change that configuration, so I'm wondering what steps I
need to go through in order to make that change now.

I'm a bit worried because I just found an excerpt from the migration
Best Practices guide I hadn't seen before:

Migration Process Using Replicas

1. Create a new OES 2 server and create a new eDirectory 8.8 tree
on Linux.
2. Create an eDirectory replica on the target Linux server by
attaching it to the same replica ring as the source NetWare server.
This creates two instances of eDirectory in the environment. The
OES Migration Tools do a non-destructive migration of all services;
hence, they need both servers with their respective directories up and
3. Allow the Linux directory to synchronize.
If necessary, you can rework the layout of your tree structure,
remap the location of all user objects in your new tree, and delete
any user objects that are no longer needed.
4. Once eDirectory synchronization of the replica is complete, run
the required service migrations with the OES Migration Tools.
5. Retire the older NetWare server.

Except where dependencies exist, there is no required order for
migrating services in the same tree. An example of a dependency would
be that the Archive and Versioning service depends on the file system.


Obviously I didn't follow the recommended steps, but I'm hoping
there's some way of fixing what I've done.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Nels Lindquist