I am currently happily running BM 3.6 on a NSBS 6 Sp3 server,
providing an
HTTP Proxy and IP Filtering for a small network of 10 users. The
server is
also acting as a DHCP server and a DNS server. It has bags of HD space

available and 512MB Ram.

My second server is struggling and over time runs out of memory. Apart

from being the main file server, it also hosts NDPS (5 printers), GW6

(including a GWIA and PFA) and Backup Executive 9.

It would obviously make sense to shift some of the load onto the BM
- either GW6 or NDPS (BE9 is not so easy to move because the tape
are physically on the second server). My preference would be NDPS or
+ GW6.

Any advice on whether there are any particular issues about running
NDPS or GW on the same server as BM 3.6.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

Colin Quine

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