I am trying to install Netware 65SP8 from OES2SP1 and I have a HDD in my server that I would like this Netware to fully reside on. I am wondering if I can just use /dev/sdb ( physical disk ) as a 'disk' when creating the VM, I would remove the default 10GB virtual disk.

Or do I have to create a new partition ( what is the best type for that ? ext3, reiserfs ? ) then create a virtual disk file on it ? I know in the documentation it says virtualized Netware can not access physical devices. Does that apply in case of installing it on a dedicated HDD ?

If I can install it on a phy:dev/sdb could that disk be used to boot a *physical* Netware server off it if needs be ? provided other issues ( e.g. drivers in DOS partition ) are solved.