If i understand right Netware 6.5 SP8 comes with new cluster services 1.8.5

Can anyone tell me what the effect will be when i install SP8 to a server in the cluster (which are now SP7 / Cluster services 1.8.4)

Do i have to cluster down the whole cluster first and do a uldncs, after that apply the SP8. do this to all servers and after that cluster up / ldncs. Or is it possible to run 1.8.4. and 1.8.5 together so a cluster leave / join , uldncs, upgrade will be enough? Enlighten me please :)

SP8 fixes a few nice issues like:
330143 NCS: Cluster scan for new devices is about twice as slow as in older versions of NCS
360620 Abends multiple servers going down everyday. Poss cios memory corruption

Thanx for your support!