Just testing a DHCP migration from NW65 to OES2LX, using the gui utility.
I am doing a 'server' level migration and it seems to take the subnets accross OK, etc. (though it would be nice to be able to specify the resulting service name...!)

However, looking at the subnet options it appears as though the 'Domain Name' (option 15) is not migrated.
This option was historically set in the 'Addressing' tab of the subnet within the 'old' NetWare way - there is no 'option 15' in the 'NetWare' java console
It appears that they are not taking this field to option 15, which is how it is specified in OES Linux

Has anyone else noticed this?
We heavily use the connection specific domain for site based resolution of common names (e.g. proxy, ldap) which exist in site specific sub domains - the absence of this will break our login process, etc. so it 's a pretty big omission!
I know you can manually add this, but our main site dhcp server handles multiple small sites as well as vlan's for VOIP - over 30 subnets!

Can someone please confirm/deny this and I shall raise an SR/bug