I'm posting this here as the only Netware 6 server I would need to be
router in a supernetted network is my BM 3.7 server.

I know that Netware 6 only supports supernetting as an end node. I'veseen posts on this in various forums for 3 years!

Will this ever be resolved? Or are we waiting for Netware on Linux so
can use the Linux TCPIP stack?

I can't think of any other OS that can't handle supernetting as a
router. Heck, all my Cisco routers can route supernetted packets.
we can kludge with mutiple networks to a single NIC or multiple NICS,but supernetting was designed to add more hosts easily to an existingsubnet.

Thomas E. Spafford
Director, IS
Hickok, Inc.