I'm having a problem wrapping my head around the steps I need to do for
my NetWare to OES2 Linux migration. So let me set this up.

* We have a 90 NetWare server environment
* 2 Trees. One is Production and the other is our Identity Vault for IDM
* We have 3 NetWare server DAs setup in the first production tree and *
all NetWare servers and windows xp clients are pointing to them (one scope)

Ok so now I need to plan the migration of my NetWare servers to OES2.

Question: Do I setup my first OES2 Linux server as a DA and then add an
IP entry to all my NetWare servers and clients that there i a 4th SLP

And all new OES2 servers I setup I point them to this new OES2 SLP DA
AND to the NetWare SLP DAs? (4 SLP entries?)

Example SLP.cfg on an existing NetWare Server (non DA)

DA IPV4, <--- Novell SLP DA #1
DA IPV4, <--- Novell SLP DA #2
DA IPV4, <--- Novell SLP DA #3
DA IPV4, <--- First OES2 Linux OpenSLP DA

Am I on the right track?