Hi everyone,

we have a eDirectory and ZW 7 environment with server based profiles and Windows XP client machines. Everything’s just fine at the moment – but now we want to integrate the client machines with a newly set up Windows 2003 SP 2 Domain Controller.

It is possible to register the clients with the domain and users that have previously worked on a specific machine are able to login as usual. But if a user that has not worked on this machine before, tries to log on he is forced to provide credentials for the local machine.

What could be the problem? What would you do?

Here are some facts that describe the setting further:

  • Active Directory support is enabled on the Windows 2003 server
  • We have a DNS set up on the Domain Controller
  • DHCP is provided by the Novell Server
  • We do not plan to switch the user accounts to the Windows Domain Controller

Your support is highly appreciated.

Best regards, Philipp.