I need to automate the distribution of some apps. I want to distribute via Workstation Association in order to avoid the app running multiple times because multiple users use the computer.

This was successful for me setting up Zenworks client upgrade, for example. I could reboot the computer at night, and set Pre-install schedule on the application to distribute at certain time. The msi ran, updated the client, and rebooted the computer all without user intervention. This was great but it was an MSI based installation.

I need to distribute Media Player 11 and other apps which are EXE based installations. I have configured them the same as the ZENworks update which worked. However the only way I can get the app to start is:
  1. to login
  2. Open the NAL Application Window
  3. locate the application
  4. double-click
This will run the installation in an unattended mode, and all seems to be fine with the installation.

Is there a ZENworks issue that prevents the EXE based installation from working as a Force-Run when workstation assigned? Or, what am I missing?

I am using Zenwork 7.1SP1HP3.