I've been a Zenworks customer it was the Intel Landesk product and included Intel Antivirus, and later Cheyenne Inoculan. We then moved to Zen 2 on Netware 4.x. Now we are on 6.5 on eDirectory 8 and Windows 2000 with W2003 Middle Tiers since we don't have the Netware client installed. DIRXML and Password sync between the AD and eDirectory.

We purchased the Zen 10 upgrade about a year ago. I've made two attempts to migrate but ran into problems which ended up being known bugs per the forums. We are now on 10.1.2a. Many of the bugs are fixed and I have most things working, but I am confused on a few points. I have checked the documentation and apparently there are enhancement requests to actually have some of these things documented. But I really need some answers as I can't figure it out.

MACROS) Renamed to variables. Snapshot in 6.5 created DEST SOURCE variables in all my Zenapps. The migration utility did not migrate these correctly. %SOURCE% %DEST% creates a directory c:\%DEST% without inserting the variable. I tried ${dest} but I end up with a c:\{dest} folder, not the variable name. Once I figure this out, I'm going to have a large number of apps requiring fixed. Can I do this outside the web interface, which is very slow compared to a Win32 app.

ACTION/INSTALL/SCRIPTS) Almost all of my installs have a pre and post install script which calls cmd.exe and does a logevent call in the script. If I understand correctly, both ${WINSYSDIR}\CMD.EXE and %*WINSYSDIR%\CMD.EXE work as the path to the script engine, right? Running this script and doing a logevent always returns a 1 from exit. This fails the Zenapp so I have hundreds of places to specify Success Return codes=1. Is there anyway to default More Options to always display?

VNC) How do I send control alt delete to Vista? The virtual keyboard lets me select these keys, but it doesn't work as per the TID I found. UltraVNC lets me select between the multiple monitors all our users have. How do I do that in this TightVNC?

Advanced) Can this be set to display by default? Migrating Zen 6.5 apps did not migrate the CREATE DIRECTORY settings correctly. They are all set to run in the user context, but all of them should be set to run in the secure system user. As many as I have to change, if this could be shown by default it would save me a lot of time.

DIRS) In Zenworks 6.5 I did not have to do a create directory to create my paths when copying files. If I have c:\a\b\c\filename.exe and I copied file to that path, Zenworks would automatically create the directories needed. Am I right that Zen 10 requires you to have three create directories now to create c:\a c:\a\b then c:\a\b\c ?

REGISTRY) Search doesn't work. There is no expand all, so it can take many minutes to click + to get where I want. Does the registry support the old %*variable% type macros as well as {*variable} ?

I'm spending a lot of time guessing since none of this appears to be documented. If anyone knows any answers to these questions, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks!