I need to migrate our BorderManager 3.8 / NW6.5 SP7 server off a physical server and put it in VMware as a virtual server. The "powers-that-be" see no advantage to going to BM3.9 (at this time anyway) so the OS and BM versions will not change. We are using BorderManager only as a single-arm proxy server.

Background, while I have been working with NetWare servers for over a decade, I installed BM once several years ago and frankly do not remember much as far as details. I have recently migrated my NW6.5 SP7 file server over to a VM using the Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit. Despite my apprehension, the whole process went extremely well.

Craig Johnson recommends migrating by setting up a parallel server. Is that still the best way to do this type of migration or have the current tools (such as SCMT) changed that recommendation?