This should be an interesting problem, but one I hope someone here can
point me in the right direction.

Problem: Can not access school website typing in the external domain
address (, Public address = when
trying to access it from inside the network. External access from dialup seems
to work fine.

Details: The mail / web server (netware 6.03) that is trying to be accessed has an internal address When this ip address
is entered, the webpage works well from the inside. This address has a
static NAT translation of to DNS translates
the address correctly, but when a ping is initiated from a workstation
inside the network to there is no reply, so when you enter from a workstation inside the school on a web browser
it fails to come up. This now leans toward routing problems and not

Hops include from web server( to Cisco
4006(, to BM private ( to BM public ( +
running NAT, to Cisco 2120 E0 (, and out to the internet. All
subnet masks are for a class C address ( The mail /
web server is completely behind the BM server. Packet filtering is
deactivated right now.

When our public domain is entered into a workstation browser, why
can't the web site or pings get back to the workstation? Any help