I've recently rolled out ZCM to a subset of our users and have seen a range of performance issues.
Having followed advice on this site I have
1. Upgraded to 10.1.2a
2. Excluded the Novell folder from on access virus scanning
3. Excluded the ZenworksWindowService.exe from on access scanning.
4. Turned the inventory scanning down to idle

Yet dispite all this some of the computers(no pattern yet found) run very slow (>8min boot to useable) and all except the high spec machines run noticibly slower.
I've searched through the logs and can't find anything obvious.

Most of our machines are HP P4-2.8GHz/512MB running in a Microsoft AD network with McAfee antivirus. Are our machines just too old?

I realise that this is rather a vaugely discribed problem but I haven't been able to track the issue down any further.

Any ideas what the to try?